Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit
(MSEMS- Cologne-2024)

Efficient Shutdown and Turnaround Strategies: Streamlining Costs and Timelines from Planning to Execution

Location: Cologne, Germany

Dates: 24th -25th October 2024

Sharing Insightful Knowlegde

Focus Agenda

Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit

About the Conference

MSEMS-Cologne: 24th - 25th Oct 2024

Welcome to MSEMS-Cologne-2024, the pinnacle event for the turnaround community. Explore the complexities of Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage (STO) Management in dynamic sessions and engaging discussions. Elevate your expertise, navigate risks, and strengthen your company’s resilience.

Join us for invaluable networking opportunities, connecting with key decision-makers in the industry—owners, contractors, and solution experts. Share strategies, exchange challenges, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape.

At MSEMS, delve into the strategic use of Asset Management systems for a competitive turnaround scope. A robust asset management plan is essential for success, ensuring the right work during turnarounds and forming the basis of a competitive maintenance program.

This summit isn’t just a conference; it’s a platform where thought leaders discuss essential processes crucial for effective STO management. Join us to gain insights into the latest techniques and technologies, shaping the future of STO management. Don’t miss MSEMS-Cologne-2024—be part of the transformation.

Thank you to all that attended

Conference Highlights


Attending MSEMS 2024 will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue shaping the future of Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit .

  • Expert insight from the most renowned international operators in the world: All demonstrate how they have successfully planned a robust turnaround strategy.
  • Interactive discussions focused on planning, communicating, and executing successful turnarounds.
  • Find solutions for TAR planning concerns: managing the diversity of requests, setting HSE standards and capturing previous data.
  • Building and Implementing a Holistic Shutdown Framework from Early Planning to Post-Mortem Analysis

  • Get a truly global perspective on how to improve project planning and performance affordably from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Norway, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, Egypt, the USA and more.
  • Embrace a data-driven approach for identifying optimization levers in turnarounds.
  • Explore strategies for optimizing the cycle of turnaround events.
  • Turn unplanned shutdown threats into organizational opportunities.

Event Sponsorship

Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit (MSEMS Cologne 2024) is a global event! We have a range of sponsorship packages for our events to suit a range of budgets and exposure options. Our events attract a senior level audience who are interested in engaging with new tools and technologies to further their enterprise capabilities. Breakout and networking sessions and panel discussions offer the opportunity to build personal networks with the Turnaround community.

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Industrial Management Technology Limited (IAMTech)

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It will take place in Cologne, Germany.

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The event will be of interest to both the Owner, EPCs, Constructors and Engineers and Suppliers.


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