Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit
(MSEMS- Cologne-2024)

Empowering Turnaround Excellence: From Planning to Execution

Location: Cologne, Germany

Dates: 24th -25th October 2024

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Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit

About the Conference

MSEMS-Cologne: 24th - 25th Oct 2024

Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage (STO) Management remain critical for asset-intensive businesses, presenting intricate challenges that demand heightened management attention. As we navigate the evolving landscape of industrial maintenance, it’s imperative to delve into advanced strategies to mitigate risks and ensure successful event completion within predetermined timeframes and budgets.

In this conference, attendees will delve into the utilization of cutting-edge Asset Management systems to forge a competitive turnaround scope. An effective asset management plan forms the bedrock for discerning the right tasks within or outside of a turnaround, essential for fostering a competitive overall maintenance framework.

The Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit (MSEMS) stands as a vibrant platform where industry luminaries dissect crucial methodologies and tactics indispensable for adeptly controlling and overseeing STO events. Failing to meticulously plan, manage, and govern turnarounds can expose companies to perilous budget overruns, debilitating schedule setbacks, and adverse impacts on customer relations.

Embark on this journey with us at MSEMS-Cologne-2024, where you’ll engage with peers and thought leaders in Shutdown and Turnaround strategies, Maintenance, Inspection Planning, and Management.

Gain invaluable insights into streamlined STO management practices and explore the latest innovations poised to optimize maintenance programs, ultimately enhancing business efficacy and performance.

Thank you for attending!

Conference Highlights


Attending MSEMS 2024 will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue shaping the management practices and future of the industry.

  • Turnaround Excellence 
  • Resources as the basis for a successful turnaround-How can plant operators & contractors ensure quality & quantity in times of skilled labour shortages?
  • Establishing a world class process for Turnaround Development
  • Integrating Project Work into Your Turnaround: It’s Not Always the Project Manager’s Fault.
  • Scope It Tight, Achieve It Right
  • Determining, Justifying and Optimizing Turnaround Cycles and Scopes
  • Preparing for An Unplanned Shutdown?  Utopia or Reality?
  • Reducing turnaround cost by 20%
  • Risk Based Management to optimize turnaround scope
  • Risk Management: Advanced FMEA System
  • Strategic Long-Term Planning and Fiscal Stability
  • Conducting a Thorough Review of the Turnaround to Eliminate Shortcomings and Ensure Future Success
  • Demanding Succession Planning for the New Generation of TAR Professionals to Safeguard Intelligence at the Plant
  • Deciding Game Turnaround-A game you have to play
  • Brilliant at basics–Oil & Gas Petrochemical Plant Reliability Maintenance from Instrument Perspective
  • Reservoir and Wells during the maintenance shutdowns
  • Managing Radiation with Small Controlled Area Radiography
  • Demanding Succession Planning for the New Generation of TAR Professionals to Safeguard Intelligence at the Plant

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Maintenance Shutdown Execution and Management Summit (MSEMS Cologne 2024) is a global event! We have a range of sponsorship packages for our events to suit a range of budgets and exposure options. Our events attract a senior level audience who are interested in engaging with new tools and technologies to further their enterprise capabilities. Breakout and networking sessions and panel discussions offer the opportunity to build personal networks with the Turnaround community.

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